Interim Public Management presents a turnkey solution that addresses the immediate management needs of local government and public organizations by providing seasoned interim city, town and county managers, and department directors to great organizations — turning turmoil into tranquility.

Our firm was created to garner the years of experience accumulated by tenured public leaders and to harness that knowledge for the betterment of communities. Our team of over 120 tenured public executives have managed over 70 different cities and organizations in 15 states and have the maturity and wisdom that is only obtained through experience. If you need a department director, we have the most experienced and dedicated professionals ready to serve for as long as you may need (commonly 3 to 9 months). Although an existing employee is sometimes appointed to fill an interim vacancy, this practice leaves that individual overburdened and unable to be effective. Instead, Interim Public Management provides a seasoned professional – allowing optimal organizational performance. We provide both types of managers and directors typically needed for each engagement: Communities and organizations in transition often need an experienced change agent that won’t stay on permanently, while others want to test drive a potential manager before making them a permanent member of their leadership team.

Benefits of Hiring Interim Public Management

  • Provides needed Leadership during transition period
  • Expertise now, when you need it
  • Gives time for quality search process
  • Keeps development opportunities moving forward
  • Helps retain and motivate employees

Guaranteed service ensuring satisfaction

What our Clients say about IPM:

  • “Jim Wine was fabulous. He was well respected by his executive peers, and union leaders found him to be very approachable, reliable, and trustworthy. He always took a reasoned approach. Based on our immediate experience we would certainly use (IPM) again if we needed an interim. Tim Pickering was always accessible and delivered in the manner in which he indicated.”
    Milton Dohoney – Phoenix Assistant City Manager, Phoenix, AZ
  • “I want to thank Jim Wine for his professionalism and can-do attitude and service as the Interim HR Director.”
    Ed Zuercher – City Manager, Phoenix, AZ
  • “The IPM Associate was excellent to work with, he was very strategic and assisted us in planning for IT.”
    Crystal Dyches – City Manager, Page, AZ
  • “IPM changed my life from Hell to Heaven with just a phone call.”
    Margie Brown – Retired City Clerk, Flagstaff, AZ
  • “The IPM Associate did a great job for us, and we feel very fortunate to have had his experience over the past several months. Thank you for everything you did to find him for us!”
    Stacey Lemos – Finance Director, Town of Oro Valley, AZ
  • “Your services are exactly what we needed at that time and you delivered quality results at the precise moment we needed them.”
    Don McDaniel Jr. – County Manager, Gila County, AZ
  • “Having IPM as a resource really makes my job a lot easier.”
    Allison Eckert – Former Human Resources Director, Coconino County, AZ
  • “I want to thank you for providing your Associate to the Town of Paradise Valley as our Interim Finance Director. He really helped the Town in its moment of need. He did a great job and got us through the transition and creation of the FY16 Budget.”
    Kevin Burke – Town Manager, Town of Paradise Valley, AZ
  • “The IPM Associate led the Visioning Maricopa 2040 initiative for me and did just an outstanding job.”
    Gregory Rose – City Manager, City of Maricopa, AZ
  • “The Associate was expedient, courteous, complete and (provided) satisfactory responses to all inquiries and issues. A wonderful personality, education, experience, dedication, and commitment to doing a superb job.”
    Tina M. Abriani – Clerk, Town of Quartzsite, AZ

In the News:

Council seeks interim city manager with a ‘strong personality’

Tim Pickering

Tim Pickering is the chief executive of Interim Public Management, a firm the city has contracted with to provide a temporary city manager. Courtesy/IPM

Interim Public Management CEO hopes to recommend three candidates by Nov. 6

KINGMAN – The Kingman City Council’s displeasure with City Manager John Dougherty’s performance was made clear during a discussion with the man who will deliver interim leadership to the city. The Council conducted a work session with Tim Pickering, the executive director of Interim Public Management, a firm that provides interim executives to local governments.

Pickering told Council members that he has a stable of more than 30 talented administrators that he’ll sort through to find the “right fit” to lead Kingman when Dougherty exits at the end of November. “Anyone I’m going to provide has all the qualifications to be your city manager,” Pickering said.

Councilman Stuart Yocum, referencing Dougherty, said the Council doesn’t want a fence straddler. “He’s been trying to patronize or make everyone happy and that’s just an impossibility,” Yocum said.

Council members, by consensus, told Pickering they want a seasoned and decisive interim administrator who possesses good communication and leadership skills.

“Right now we need somebody that has a strong personality because they’re going to be dealing with people on Council that have strong personalities,” said Councilman Travis Lingenfelter. “We need somebody that is going to take the Council’s votes and basically get it done with the tools and the resources that they have and they’re not going to let anybody tell them how to do their job.”

“You don’t want a caretaker,” Pickering responded. “I can tell that.”

Vice Mayor Jen Miles pointed out that Dougherty has opposed the current Council’s wish to proceed with two Interstate 40 interchange projects in one package. She said the interim manager needs to be positive and embrace and implement Council policy.

“There is a great disjoint in what this Council wants to do and how this Council wants to move forward and what the city manager believes should be done,” Miles said. “That is in my mind a key issue and he (Dougherty) has publicly stated that he does not agree with us.”

While members Vickie Kress and Jamie Scott Stehly did not attend the work session and Yocum and Mayor Monica Gates participated by telephone, the Council also expressed hope that incoming leadership can command and align staff and all resources to pursue the interchange projects, airport initiatives, and economic development personnel and policy.

Lingenfelter said he wants incoming leadership to be able to “rise above the culture of ‘no.’” He said he wants the administrator to be willing to bring a “wrecking ball” where necessary to the status quo as the Council works to move Kingman forward.

Pickering said he plans to offer two or three best-fit IPM associates to interview for the interim leadership post, on or before Nov. 6. He said a choice could formally be made at the Nov. 7 Council meeting with an interim manager coming aboard in early December.

While contemplating interim leadership, the City Council has also embarked on a comprehensive recruitment process that is hoped will lead to the hiring of a new full-time manager next April.

Written by Dave Hawkins
Category: CommunityWise
Published: 25 October 2017